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Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV) Mathura Alumni Reunion: A Fusion of Memories, Inspirations, and Selfies! 🎓🌟

On the delightful afternoon of December 17th, the corridors of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV) Mathura reverberated with laughter, echoes of the past, and the warmth of reunion as over 200 exuberant ex-students (alumni) returned to their cherished alma mater. The Alumni Reunion was a spectacular affair, blending cultural performances, insightful speeches, a touch of cricket, and a new addition this year - the Selfie Point.

Cultural Extravaganza by Current Students 🎭🎉

The festivities commenced with a spellbinding cultural program presented by the current students, filling the air with vibrancy and enthusiasm. The stage showcased a medley of dance, music, and poetry, demonstrating the multifaceted talents of the present-day students. The lively performances set the perfect tone for the celebration, invoking a sense of nostalgia and celebration.

Inspirational Speeches by Esteemed Alumni 🗣️🌟

The event's highlight was the inspirational speeches delivered by distinguished alumni. Each speaker shared their post-JNV Mathura journey, weaving tales of triumphs and challenges. The emotional resonance of their words created a powerful connection with the audience, fostering a sense of unity and pride in their shared alma mater.

Among the notable alumni who graced the occasion were Sher Singh, Aarti Singh, Devendra Singh, Ram Kumar, Vishnu, Dharmendra Singh Nauhvar, Khadag Singh, Anil Chaudhary, Rajbala, Uma Chaudhary, Sujata Shyamal, Sonveer, Naresh Bhardwaj, Jitendra, Pooran Kishore, Manoj Rawat, Noor Mohammed, Anuj Pratap and many more. Their presence added an extra layer of significance to the reunion, inspiring the current generation of students to dream big and pursue their passions.

Honoring Mr. KH Sharma: Ex Vice Principal JNV Mathura 🏆👏

The gathering had the privilege of hosting Mr. KH Sharma, the Ex Vice Principal of JNV Mathura, as the Chief Guest. Mr. Sharma, a guiding force during his tenure, was felicitated for his exemplary contribution to the institution. His words emphasized the values of education, resilience, and community spirit, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Recognition of Current Teachers and Faculties 📚👩‍🏫

Acknowledging the pillars of the institution, the event recognized the dedicated faculty members. Mr. Biram Singh, the Principal, Mr. Sudhir Kumar Mishra, Vice Principal, Mrs. Rekha Sharma, PGT Chemistry, and Mrs. Neelima Tripathi, PGT History, among others for their tireless efforts in shaping the minds of the current generation of students. Their presence added a layer of continuity to the celebration, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between past and present.

Lunch in Mess: A Feast of Nostalgia 🍲🥂

After the cultural feast and insightful speeches, the alumni, current students, and faculty members gathered for a heartwarming lunch in the familiar setting of the school mess. The mess, echoing with the sounds of shared stories and laughter, became a focal point for reconnecting old friendships and forging new bonds. The shared meal symbolized the continuity of the JNV Mathura legacy.

Cricket Match: A Battle of Memories 🏏🤝

The spirit of sportsmanship took center stage as a friendly cricket match unfolded on the school grounds. Teams comprising both alumni and current students engaged in a spirited competition, reliving the thrill of school sports. The cricket match served as a bridge connecting the generations, fostering unity and camaraderie among participants.

Selfie at Selfie Point: Capturing Moments, Creating Memories 📸💖

A new addition to this year's reunion was the Selfie Point, where alumni, students, and faculty alike seized the opportunity to capture moments of joy and togetherness. The Selfie Point became a hub of smiles and laughter, encapsulating the essence of the reunion in pixels and memories.

Fostering Bonds and Building Futures 🌐🤗

The JNV Mathura Alumni Reunion was more than just an event; it was a celebration of enduring bonds and shared experiences. As the day unfolded, it became evident that the spirit of JNV Mathura continued to thrive. The event encapsulated the school's role in shaping characters and fostering values that endure beyond the academic years.

The day concluded with promises to meet again and keep the flame of JNV Mathura's legacy burning bright. The reunion was a reminder that while time may bring about change, the essence of shared experiences and cherished memories remains eternally woven into the fabric of this esteemed institution. The JNV Mathura Alumni Reunion was indeed a celebration of the past, the present, and the limitless possibilities that the future holds. 🌈🎓


Dr. Nishika Singh Nauhvar: Championing Women's Rights and Political Empowerment

Dr. Nishika Singh Nauhvar: Championing Women's Rights and Political Empowerment

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चौधरी चरण सिंह को भारत रत्न! ऐतिहासिक पल, गर्व से झूम उठा देश!

चौधरी चरण सिंह को भारत रत्न! ऐतिहासिक पल, गर्व से झूम उठा देश!

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