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Inspector Brajesh Kumar : A Remarkable Journey from Aligarh's Village to Public Service Excellence

In the quaint village of Nayavas, nestled in the heart of Gonda district, Aligarh, a remarkable story of resilience, determination, and triumph unfolds. This is the inspiring journey of Brajesh Kumar, the son of Shri Tejvir Singh, who defied the odds to carve a path from a humble village to becoming a respected Supply Inspector in the Food and Civil Supplies Department of Agra district.

Early Life and Education

Brajesh Kumar's educational journey began at Radiant Stars English School in Aligarh. His formative years were marked by hard work and an unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Despite facing the challenges that often accompany rural life, Brajesh stood out for his dedication and passion for learning.

Aligarh Muslim University: Nurturing Ambitions (2012-2017)

Brajesh pursued a BA LLB degree at Aligarh Muslim University from 2012 to 2017. The renowned institution not only honed his legal acumen but also instilled in him a sense of responsibility towards society. Brajesh's time at AMU became a crucial chapter in his life, laying the foundation for the remarkable achievements that would follow.

Turning Dreams into Reality

In 2018, Brajesh achieved a significant milestone by securing a position as a Sub Inspector in the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). This accomplishment not only reflected his diligence but also marked the beginning of a series of successes that would distinguish his career in public service.

Double Triumph in 2019-2022: A Symbol of Tenacity

The year 2019 proved to be a watershed moment for Brajesh Kumar. His commitment to public service saw him being selected not just once but twice – first as a Sub Inspector in the Uttar Pradesh Police and then as a Supply Inspector in the Lower PCS.

2022: Supply Inspector in Food and Civil Supplies Department

Building on his previous successes, Brajesh continued to ascend the ladder of public service. In 2022, he assumed the role of Supply Inspector in the Food and Civil Supplies Department, bringing his expertise to the crucial task of ensuring a steady supply of essential goods to the people of Agra district.

Challenges Faced and Overcome

Brajesh's journey has not been without its share of challenges. From navigating the complexities of legal studies to the demanding roles in law enforcement and civil services, he faced each obstacle with resilience and determination. The lessons learned during his early life and education in Aligarh became the guiding force that propelled him forward.

The Impact on the Community

Brajesh's success extends beyond personal achievement; it serves as a beacon of hope for the community in Nayavas and surrounding areas. His story inspires the younger generation to dream big and persevere, showcasing that with dedication and hard work, even the most challenging aspirations can be realized.

Balancing Duty and Humanity

In his current role as Supply Inspector in the Food and Civil Supplies Department, Brajesh exemplifies the delicate balance between enforcing regulations and understanding the human aspect of his responsibilities. His approach goes beyond mere procedural adherence; he actively engages with the community, ensuring that the distribution of essential supplies is not just efficient but also empathetic.

The Outstanding Achievement & a Path of Public Service

Brajesh Kumar's journey from Nayavas to becoming a Supply Inspector in Agra is a testament to the power of dreams and determination. It is a story that resonates with many who face obstacles in their pursuit of education and public service. Brajesh's achievements stand as a beacon, illuminating the path for others to follow, reaffirming the belief that no dream is too big, and no journey too challenging when fueled by passion and perseverance

As Brajesh continues to serve the public with dedication, his story continues to inspire generations, reminding us all that true success is not just about personal achievements but about the positive impact one can have on the lives of others. Brajesh Kumar Son Shri Tejvir Singh's journey is not just his own; it is a shared triumph of a community, a celebration of dreams realized against all odds.


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